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A Forest Mighty Black


A FOREST MIGHTY BLACK is a band of five musicians formed in 2013 by guitarists Enrico Romeo (ex-AJ Ramirez) and Gabriele Manna (ex-Charlotte Bean), along with brothers Costin and Alex Bursuc, on vocals and bass respectively. Both of them came from electronic music. After a few months, they were joined by drummer Sebastiano Cavazza (ex-Menace). The same year, they self-produced a four-track self-titled EP. It immediately showcased the character of this Vicenza-based quintet — the sonority of Grunge and the 90s Stoner Rock mixed with electric Hard Blues and psychedelic segments. The band started performing live, sharing the stage with the lively Stoner Rock local scene.

Bass player and co-founder Alex Bursuc quit the band in 2015. Soon after, Nicola Frigo (ex-My Head for a Goldfish and owner of the Haunted Recording Studio) joined and immediately revamped the sound of A Forest Mighty Black.


Between 2017 and 2018 the band composed and recorded its first full-length Chemical/Physical, released by Go Down Records. It’s a solid, reflective work that received good reviews in Italy and Europe and has been highly acclaimed by the audience. The band started performing with international artists, such as Gozu and Stoned Jesus, consolidating its presence on stage and becoming known in the independent music community in Italy and abroad. Some tracks have been included in various compilations produced by independent labels and music influencers, including those from overseas.

During the difficult period of the pandemic, the band returned to working on its sophomore studio album. The new pieces maintained the band’s original sound while incorporating a wide range of style choices. In fact, The Hedonist also features intimate and experimental sounds, while the lyrics deeply reflect themes exploring human nature, current society, and feelings. The mix of words and music creates a unique form of poetry that blends introspection with contemplation of everyday life and the surrounding world. The album is due for release on LP and digitally by Go Down Records in late summer 2024.

Costin Emilian Bursuc | vocals
Enrico Romeo | guitars

Gabriele Manna | guitars
Nicola Frigo | bass

Sebastiano Cavazza | drums




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A Forest Mighty Black
A Forest Mighty Black - Chemical/Physical live @ e20 Underground
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A Forest Mighty Black - Chemical/Physical live @ e20 Underground

A Forest Mighty Black
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A Forest Mighty Black


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