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A FOREST MIGHTY BLACK - Chemical / Physical

“Chemical / Physical” is the right translation of the musical concept for the A FOREST MIGHTY BLACK’s debut album. It means that the powerful rock sound meets 2 iconic 90’s genres, “grunge” and “stoner”. The result is ethereal, yet rough, meditative, yet hard, Chemical, yet Physical. 9 tracks full of solid guitar riffs, fast rhytmic sessions and vocals that emerge like red-hot lava and split this modern sound wall, still keeping the faith on 90’s mood. The deepest moments recall older soundscapes, diving into psychedelic era to expand horizons. This album is made of dynamism and music eclecticism and it brings the listener into a dark wood to look for something more, still unknown.



A FOREST MIGHTY BLACK - Chemical / Physical

€ 12,00Price
    Title: Chemical / Physical
    Format: CD
    Label: Go Down Records
    Release date: April 2nd 2018
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