BEESUS was born in 2011 thanks to the bassist Mutt, the drummer Mudd, the guitarist Pootchie and the singer Touis. They wrote the first album "The Rise Of Beesus" between 2011 and 2015. A mix of doom, stoner and grunge influences with a bunch of lysergic fantasies and visions of an ending world. After two years of European tours they released "Sgt.Beesus... And The Lonely Ass Gangbang!", an album with a punker soul, but in the same time more articulate in the composition. Two months before "Sgt.Beesus..." recordings Johnny substitutes Mutt on bass, while Touis' abandon is replaced by Jaco for the second album's tour. In 2019 the line up changes again, becoming a power trio featuring Mudd on drums and vocals, Pootchie on guitars and vocals, Johnny on bass and vocals. From 2015 to 2019 the live shows reach and break the number of 120 all across continental Europe, each one booked by the band itself under the name "Magical Mistery Van Booking".


Mudd | drums, vocals

Pootchie | guitars, vocals

Johnny | bass, vocals





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