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BEESUS - 3eesus

Mending the wounds. The line-up is changed and all the personal troubles of the band have been finally worked out with this 3rd album, called simply “3eesus”. The cover explains everything. Max Ernst’s “Europe after the Rain II” fits perfectly with the emotional mood of the album: everything is still, yet it has been clearly through a storm. Thanks to Giacomo Serri, BEESUS’s got the chance to record this album in the main room of Monk Club, one of the best venues for live music in Rome, Italy. It is a live recording session cured by Giacomo Serri and Guglielmo Nodari. The sound is more mellow compared to the previous album “Sgt.Beesus... And The Lonely Ass Gangbang!”. The atmospheres are more spacey and there are many vocals, like never before. The album is out on More Fuzz Records and Go Down Records, plus the band’s never missing logo New Sonic Records.

BEESUS - 3eesus

€ 20,00Price
  • Artist: BEESUS
    Title: 3eesus
    Format: single pocket LP, pressed on black wax, with black inner sleeve
    Label: GO DOWN RECORDS | More Fuzz Records | New Sonic Records
    Release date: April 3rd 2020

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