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Bleeding Eyes is an Italian Sludge Metal band

Bleeding Eyes


BLEEDING EYES formed in 2002 and released its first demo Part Of An Audiolesionist the following year. The lineup featured Lorenzo Conte on drums, Marco Dussin on bass, Andrea Tocchetto on guitar, and Alberto Silvestrini on vocals. From that moment on, they performed throughout northern Italy. In December 2004, their sophomore studio record was pragmatically entitled No God. 2005 found Bleeding Eyes busy with the European tour and they took part in Slovenia's festival Metal Camp with bands such as Slayer, Anthrax, Soulfly, and Obituary in Summer. From April 2006 to January 2007, the band recorded a new EP featuring four new tracks with Simone 'Tez' Tesser on vocals.


In 2008, the new formation devoted itself to the production of the third full-length One Less To My Lastwith the valuable collaboration of Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) on mastering. In 2009, the band toured Europe again, opening for The Orange Man Theory. In 2010 Andrea quit the band, replaced by guitarist Jason Nealy. He was a breath of fresh air, bringing new passion and spirit to the already deep-rooted band. That summer, they performed at Disintegrate Your Ignorance Fest, sharing the stage with Crowbar, Black Cobra, Sourvein, Weedeater, Doomraiser, Zippo, and many others.


The chemistry between the musicians was growing steadily and in 2011 the addition of another guitarist, Nicola Anselmi, rounded out the lineup. 2011 was again an intense year in terms of composition and all these positive elements came to a climax with the release of their fourth album A Trip To The Closest Universe via Go Down Records on December 12, 2012. The Stoner, Post Metal, and Psychedelia influences, along with the revamped formation, have defined Bleeding Eyes' second era. Their sound evolved towards a Progressive approach, with complex arrangements, and songs over eleven minutes long. Another key factor was the consolidated collaboration with Tommaso Mantelli, who recorded and mixed the album and toured with the band as a sound engineer. He also appeared as a "noisemaker" in the following fifth studio album Gammy, released via Go Down Records in 2014. This concept album received excellent reviews from critics and gave the chance to perform around Italy and Europe for the next two years.


At this point, the band members were involved in different projects: drummer Lorenzo Conte managed the rock venue Benicio Live Gigs, while guitarists Nealy and Anselmi continued to play with other bands such as Nypra, Inverted Matter, Sonic Wolves, StormO, and Messa.


In 2018, Bleeding Eyes felt the desire to resume their musical project. The five members started the songwriting of their sixth studio album, recorded in the winter of 2020. Bleeding Eyes’ Golgotha was released on July 31, 2020. Its sound is dark and aching. Sludge, Doom, and Acid Psychedelia override early Stoner influences. Blasphemous themes and an intimate and solitary introspection gave the band a new aura.


Lorenzo Conte | drums, backing vocals

Marco Dussin | bass

Jason Nealy | guitars, backing vocals

Nicola Anselmi | guitars

Simone 'Tez' Tesser | vocals



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