Gammy is the 5th album by Italian band BLEEDING EYES. It's an outburst of feelings, emotions and matters: restlessness, darkness, disillusion, inspiration, rebellion, hope, tears, blood, pain, pleasure. Musically, stoner, sludgy and psychedelic riffs are spiced up by harsh and lysergic vocals and lyrics, sung according to the track in Italian or English. This album features some special guests: Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta, Menace, Ulan Bator) on violin, Mauro Franceschini (Captain Mantell, Ottodix) on percussions, Alessandra Perozzo (Bogus Jail) on vocals, Luca Ferrazza (Slowdown) on vocals, Alberto Silvestrini (ex Bleeding Eyes) on vocals, AMA  with his "sonic invasions". The cover art was born by a suggestive collaboration between the photographer Lorenzo Ferraro and the visual artist eeviac. The album was conceived, recorded and mixed at Badrum Studio in Asolo, Italy, between April and September 2014.


€ 25,00Price
    Title: Gammy
    Format: red vinyl LP
    Release date: December 12th 2014
  • SIDE A:
    1. La Chiave
    2. Amaro Tez (O.O.D.)
    3. Kevin's Space
    4. A Fistful Of Dynamite
    5. Lacrime Fiume Sangue Dolore


    SIDE B:
    1. Full Fledged
    2. Demon Haze
    3. Ama-Rosa
    4. Keep Calm And Fail
    5. Gammy
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