Diplomatics band



DIPLOMATICS is a band founded in 2013 in the surroundings of Vicenza, Italy. The five members come from the local rock'n'roll and punk scene. Their roots are in the Seventies New York scene (Dead Boys, Ramones, NY Dolls, The Stooges, Tuff Darts, Velvet Underground, The Feelies), with a '77 punk attitude. They also love soul-blues music such as Rolling Stones, The Faces, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Flaming Groovies, T-Rex and 70s Aussie bands like Radio Birdman, The Saints and others. The band mixes all these influences in its sound and lifestyle.

The band has performed at several shows supporting bands such as Buzzcocks, The Dictators, The Fleshtones, The Kids, Slaughter & The Dogs, The Morlocks, Giuda, Nikky Corvette, Kurt Baker, Lisa & The Lips, Vic Godard, The Valentines, Dirty Fences and many more.

In December 2013 they released a 7" vinyl containing a couple of singles. The one called 'Shadow' became their first videoclip. In autumn 2014 they released their debut full length album Don't Be Scared, Here Are The Diplomatics with the two singles 'Monkey Me' and 'Who I Am'. Their 2017 album I Lost My Soul In This Town was released by Shyrec and Go Down Records.


Matteo Set Marsetti | guitar

Emanuele Manu Garziera | guitar

Niccolò Ovo Sabin | drums

Daniel Danny Carollo | vocals, harmonica

Dario Mase Masello | bass