DIPLOMATICS is a band from Vicenza, Italy, formed in 2013. Their sound echoes the New York of the 70s: a mix of punk, wave and garage played with the right attitude. Diplomatics deliver rare, powerful and modern rock'n'roll, inspired by bands such as the Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Saints, Gang of Four, Stooges, MC5 but also The Meters, Talking Heads and Grateful Dead.

Since their early days they have performed many gigs in Italy and Europe, sometimes playing as opening act for legendary bands such as Slaughter & the Dogs, Buzzcocks, Lisa & the Lips, Vic Godard, Dictators, The Kids, Fleshtones, Giuda, Nikki Corvette, The Sonics and so on, without ever stopping composing new songs.


The debut full length album Don't Be Scared, Here Are The Diplomatics (2014) and the sophomore album I Lost My Soul In This Town (2017) were highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad. In March 2018 the funk-flavoured single 'Keep Me Breathing' was released and the band set off on a European promotional tour.


Over the last two years the band has faced the pandemic by keeping making music. In November 2020 they released the single 'Nevah' followed by 'Irish Whiskey' in January 2021. Both singles mark a slight shift towards new wave and post-punk sounds, while maintaining the band's trademark energy. 


The new studio album is about to be recorded and a new European tour is planned for April. A cover of 'Police On My Back' by The Equals (made famous by The Clash) is due for digital release in February 2022. The band rearranged the track in an understated mood with a hint of Lou Reed. It's a taste of the evolution of the Diplomatics’ sound that will feature on the next album.


Seth | guitar

Manu | guitar

Ovo | drums

Danny | vocals, harmonica

Crudo | bass

Andre | piano, keyboards




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