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Frigidaire Tango band

Frigidaire Tango


In July 1977 Carlo Casale and Stefano Dal Col were two young British-punk lovers when they started their musical trip and founded the band Outkids. The keyboard player Marco Breda, with his classical musical approach, joined the band, giving a more personal sound to their compositions. Their musical backgrounds ranging from progressive to krautrock to glam, with the primitive input of punk rock. It was the very creative period called New Wave.

At the beginning of the 80s the band name turned into Trash and two new members joined the line up: Maurizio Battistella on drums and Diego Negrello on bass. In 1981 the band chose the final name: Frigidaire Tango. They recorded the debut LP The Cock, released by Young Records. In Sept. 2010 this album has been included among the 100 least-known fundamental rock LPs by the French magazine Tsugi. At the beginning of 1983 Franco Turesso became the second keyboard player and the band recorded the self-released mini LP called Russian Dolls. It contains two singles "Recall" and "Vanity Fair", which have become videoclips. Frigidaire Tango went on tour with the British band The Sound.

In 1984 the Italian broadcaster RAI began shooting the documentary "The Last Concert" and Frigidaire Tango were protagonists. The film, shot by Piergiorgio Gay, tells about the troubles of an 80s rock band, balanced between the dream to support themselves just with the music job and the need to integrate into society.

In the middle of 1986, after being invited by Barcelona Biennial for a series of gigs and after being included in a promotional compilation by Amnesty International, the band broke up. The main reasons were reconciling music passion with the main career needs and moreover different point of views about the future of the band. Anyway since 1988 to 1991 many members founded the side-project called The Vindicators. They recorded two albums, mashing up beat, rock'n'roll and rhythm'n'blues.

In 2007 the box-set The Freezer Box was released. It contains a 50 page booklet full of Frigidaire Tango's memorabilia and three CDs: the debut album The Cock featuring two extra outtakes and two unreleased albums Music For Us and Live in Barcelona. One year later the band brings back together to record a new album L'Illusione Del Volo, produced by Frigidaire Tango and mixed by Giorgio Canali. It features many special guests as Federico Fiumani (Diaframma), Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, H-Block), Aldo Tagliapietra (Le Orme), Diego Galeri (Timoria, Miura), Miss XoX (Great Complotto) and others.

In 2013 Go Down Records released the tribute album Artisti Vari Risuonano i Frigidaire Tango, featuring many Italian artists like Giorgio Canali, Sick Tamburo, Ilenia Volpe, Federico Fiumani and OJM.


Charlie Cazale | vocals
J.M. Le Baptiste | drums
Steve Dal Col | guitar
Mark Brenda | keyboards
Dave Nigger | bass
Frank Tourak | keyboards








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