OJM is an Italian stoner band from Treviso, founded in 1997 by David Martin and Max Ear. Since the very beginning both the Italian music press and rock’n’roll scene have showed a certain interest toward the band, due to their personal style featuring rough guitars with a psychedelic touch and hints of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, MC5 and Grand Funk. Their 1st recording "Extended Playing" has been released by Agitato Records in 1999 and it sold over 1.000 copies. In March 2002 the label Beard Of Stars Records released OJM’s debut full length album “Heavy”, produced by Italian cult musician Paul Chain. It went sold-out in few months. The excerpted videoclip “The Sleeper” had been on rotation on several music channels. The partnership with Paul Chain continued when Max Ear (drums) and Matteo (bass guitar) recorded 2 tracks in his album “Container” (released by Beyond Prod.) and then they toured with him across Italy. Thanks to “Heavy” the band started being acclaimed outside Italian borders, also corroborated by Beard Of Stars’ worldwide distribution and by a large number of interviews and good reviews that appeared in foreign music press (Kerrang!,, Stonedgods, Greek and French Metal Hammer, etc.). OJM’s musical attitude had meanwhile started exploring different soundscapes, more rock’n’roll-oriented and the result has been a 7" split with the English band Gorilla, released by Beard Of Stars Rec. In October 2003 the band went back to the studio to work on “The Light Album”. It has been released in September 2004 on Go Down Records. The title word “light” marks a subtle change in their musical orientation, the “stoner” attitude of the very beginning turns to a garage and psychedelic sound, still keeping its impact and loudness but in a rougher way: rage turned into speedup. The videoclip of the single track “Talking About Revolution” brought OJM on several Italian music TV networks, giving significant critical acclaims. As far as their live career goes, OJM can boast hundreds of gigs and 2 UK tours, intense and wild performances supporting several legendary bands such as DKT/MC5, Iggy And The Stooges, The Datsuns, Motorpsycho, Brant Bjork, Lords Of Altamont, Gorilla, Marlene Kuntz, Hardcore Superstar, Nebula, Josiah, The Fleshtones and many more. At this point the line-up changed. Guitarist Frank Puglie and bassist Matteo Bordin left the band. The new entries are Alex Germany on guitars and Andrew Pozzy on bass. They enforced their impact and their groove, resulting into a mixture of psychedelia, stoner and rock’n’roll. Zeppelin-oriented and The Sonics at the same time! In July 2005 OJM recorded the 7" vinyl “I Got Time” featuring the Californian musician Brant Bjork. In March 2006 they began working on the new album with a remarkable producer: Michael Davis from the legendary MC5. The title is “Under The Thunder” and it has been released in November 2007 on Go Down Records. It sold more than 3.000 copies all over the world and came out on vinyl for Garage Records. The promotional tour took the band across Europe. In April 2008 1st OJM’s live album “Live In France” has been released, initially in digital download only (7,000 downloads)and then in 500 numbered copies limited edition blue vinyl LP for Go Down Records. In July 2008 they performed at the most important German stoner festival "Stoned From The Underground" sharing the stage with The Atomic Bitchwax and Witchcraft. In December 2008 they embarked on a 10-show tour with visual artist Eeviac. This special show saw the band surrounded by 4 screens and a minimal stage décor and it merged sounds and colours in a psychedelic atmosphere, performed live by Eeviac. The band took a break, but the return featured a very special line-up change. David and Max have kept their usual roles behind microphone and drums, while Andrew Pozzy embraced guitar, in substitution of Alex, that left the band to follow new personal path. The breakthrough new entry is Stefano Pasky, who handles piano-bass and Hammond organ. He moved the classic OJM “trademark” though evolving with a more psychedelic and less speed-rock’n’roll vein, proposing a more vintage yet less aggressive hard rock. In Sept. 2010 came out OJM's 5th album "Volcano", produced by the Californian musician Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age) and released by Go Down Records.


David Martin | vocals

Max Ear | drums

Alessandro Tedesco | guitar

Andrew Pozzy | guitar, bass



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