It may seem easy and obvious to sum up the POISON DELUXE experience as a possible contamination of The Doors’ sound ("P. Skunk" is supposed to be a blues track written by Manzarek as a divertisement) and the harmonic structure of nearly every enterprise by Josh Homme. In "The Dead Tree Blues" for instance, beside the above mentioned big blonde bloke, you would expect that genious Jack White to pop up, since the many-faceted matter of blues is tackled according to his accomplished style of guitar playing. All of this makes pretty good reference for a project moving its first, if not shy, steps. Possibly the best bit is to be found in the good taste by Max Ear (here meeting his former OJM band mate Frank Puglie on guitar) in rearranging his boogie to defy the patterns of the main firm. This is exactly what you would expect from a side project: complete freedom in the development of songs (as well proved in the track appropriately titled "A Free Demonstration"). That’s why, beside the mentioned names, such an album would have profited from the contribution of the early Beck: tracks such as "When I'm Down He Comes Down", "Vortex Blues", "Old Memories" and "Ocioidei" remind one of the experiments of mr. Hansen at least up to "Mellow Gold". At last, the perfect sound to score with a girl!


Frank Puglie | vocals, guitars

Stefano Paski | piano bass, keyboard

Max Ear | drums



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