ANANDA MIDA - Aktavas / Passavas

Aktavas / Passavas is the debut single by ANANDA MIDA, published as double A sided in order to explicit the equal stature of the 2 tracks, since AKTAVAS means MEN, whereas PASSAVAS stands for WOMEN, and both explicate ANANDA MIDA's dual face: one stoner-rock, one psychedelic. Musically, ANANDA MIDA charges itself to go beyond conventional genres, bearing to listener a new experience; textually it attempt to cover all and everything, in a sort of a necessary humanitarian operation.

ANANDA MIDA - Aktavas / Passavas

€ 7,00Price
  • Artist: ANANDA MIDA
    Title: Aktavas / Passavas
    Format: 7" vinyl
    Release date: October 2015
  • SIDE A:
    1. Aktavas

    SIDE B:
    1. Passavas

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