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Ananda Mida's Reconciler black double LP mockup

ANANDA MIDA’s founders, Max Ear and Matteo Pablo Scolaro, originally planned to release three records. They briefed the artist and friend Eeviac and decided that each one would be a concept album, part of a trilogy freely inspired by Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff’s book “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson” and his thoughts. Thus Anodnatius dealt with Holy Affirmation and the sophomore Cathodnatius with Holy Denial.

Now it’s time for the third final act Reconciler, which deals with Holy Reconciliation.

During the making, a band member experienced the grace of birth and the deep mourning of death. Both events added to the reconciliatory intent of this record. Reconciler is a double LP containing eight tracks, playing 83 minutes of music. “Reconciling” is an instrumental song, while five singers perform the others. All the additional musicians belong to the Go Down Records musical gang, bringing up to twelve artists on the record. This also fulfills another intent of the band founders: to make a portrait of their independent label, which has brought together talents and passion over the past two decades. 



ANANDA MIDA - Reconciler

€ 30,00Price
  • Artist: ANANDA MIDA
    Title: Reconciler
    Format: gatefold sleeve 12" 2LP, pressed on classic black wax, with black inner sleeves  and a double-sided print insert.
    Release: November 3rd 2023

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