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"II" is the sophomore album by THE SADE, a power trio headed by Andrew Pozzy (former bass and guitar player of OJM). After a self-released EP (2009) and the 1st full-length album called "Damned Love" (© 2011 Go Down Records), the band from Padua seems to have found his own poetic and stylistic identity. The 10 tracks are wandering around a place where demons are falling straight to the abyss of mind and heart, strippin' the flesh from sensations and projecting dark visions. Strong themes concerning love and feelings, analizing life and death with images worthy of the best "horror b-movie" and the gloomiest atmosphere of Blake's poems. Werewolves, spiders, demons, owls and ravens are just as a pretext to fall down to the hell of feelings and express through the lyrics deep emotions and crypted messages. This music presses together Swedish and American hard rock and rock'n'roll, passing through punk rock and metal and gazing upon experimentation: colossal guitars, violins, and orchestral arrangements, saxophone and harmonica for country and folk songs. Passing from sharp riffs and solos to dark and mournful ballads, from folk and classic arrangements to powerful hard rock tones, where the glue is the voice that goes down and makes you shiver but also devastates in the most violent tracks. An eclectic record that maintains a single poetic, sustained by a notable work of production and execution, more catchy and more focused than the first one, with a higher level of composition. Live it, feel it and listen to it!

The Sade "II" is distributed by Go Down Records and Kornalcielo Records.


€ 20,00Price
  • Artist: THE SADE
    Title: II
    Format: red vinyl LP
    Release date: Dec. 2013
  • SIDE A:
    1. Latrodectus
    2. The Werewolf
    3. Lovekiller
    4. End Of My World
    5. Black Demon

    SIDE B:
    1. Ballad Of The Black Moon
    2. The Last Day On Earth
    3. Not For Glory
    4. Before The Death
    5. Devil's Son(g)

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