Capturing the essence of the classic era of 60's/70's rock without sounding cliched is ridiculously fu##in hard, if not an impossible self imposed task. But Gorilla have achieved exactly that with the album "Rock Our Souls". It's a brand new gem, that sounds like a lost classic. This 3rd album by Gorilla finally defines their unique heavy rock style to perfection. Never ones to follow the stoner rock by numbers approach, or be side tracked by fads and trends, "Rock Our Souls" contains heavy doom, high energy aggressive, progressive and regressive songs, played in a timeless heavy rock style that Gorilla have made their own.

GORILLA - Rock Our Souls

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  • Artist: GORILLA
    Title: Rock Our Souls
    Format: CD

    Release date: 2007


    1. Come On Now
    2. Vulture Tree
    3. Bludd Sucker
    4. Preying Menace
    5. Rock R Soles
    6. Sand
    7. Hot Cars
    8. High N Mighty
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