Gorilla is an English band, coming from Hastings and founded in 1999 by Johnny, Billy and Sarah. Their influences are Budgie, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk, MC5, but their music is played with a rough street punk Motorhead/Pink Fairies/Crushed Butler attitude and style, plus an authentic vintage feel and sound. Capturing the essence of the classic era of 60's/70's rock without sounding cliched is ridiculously fu##in hard, if not an impossible self imposed task. But Gorilla have achieved exactly that with the album "Rock Our Souls". It's a gem, that sounds like a lost classic. They have already performed with Fu Manchu, OJM, Blue Cheer, Josiah, Brant Bjork & The Bros, Orange Goblin, The Heads, Colour Haze, Hawkwind and many others.


Johnny Gorilla | guitar, vocals

Sarah Jane | bass
Billy Darlington | drums



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