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LU SILVER - Luneliness

The album title Luneliness is a personal interpretation of the word ‘loneliness’. The idea is by artist and singer-songwriter Conny Ochs, Lu's close friend and designer of the cover art. The songs were written in the winter of 2020 when the pandemic lockdown forced LU SILVER to loneliness inside a room. The same one he's already been living in for two years, but things can change. Out of the blue, he found himself on his own for days at a time and that was too much even if he’s always loved to carve out his own space and enjoy his solitude. Winter became a journey between present and past, between lights and shadows. He instinctively needed to unleash intimate emotions, being not afraid to dig deep. This melancholy side of him has always been there since he was a child. All this turned into a catharsis that brought new energy and joy. Maybe this also happens to some of you….
Each song is a little scrap of a life soundtrack.



"I think loneliness can be considered one of the worst evils of our time.

Love and friendship can be excellent medicines to overcome fears and isolation".

Lu Silver





LU SILVER - Luneliness

€ 20,00Price
  • Artist: LU SILVER
    Title: Luneliness
    Format: single-pocket 12" LP, pressed on black wax, with double-sided print insert and a black inner sleeve
    Release date: May 6th 2022

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