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Lu Silver is an Italian Rock singer-songwriter

Lu Silver - The Lu Silver String Band


Luca Donini, aka Lu Silver, is a musician and songwriter from Rimini, Italy. He debuted as a drummer in 1989, playing in a 70s acid rock and hard rock cover band. In 1992 he met Alexander Scardavian (former Paul Chain) and kicked off the musical project Strange Here, characterized by extended jam sessions inspired by Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Cream. At that time Lu made his debut on vocals in a cover band with a southern-rock and grunge repertoire, without ever stopping his musical research.


In 1995, Lu Silver joined as a drummer the well-known Italian garage band Thee Hairy Fairies and in 1997 they recorded the album Electric Fairytales, produced by Paul Chain and released on the Swiss label Max Picou Records. When the group disbanded in 2000, Lu Silver decided to pick up the guitar and sing. So, he and his drummer friend Danny Savanas founded Small Jackets with the pure and simple mission of making rock'n'roll in the straight and wild way of MC5, Status Quo, Hellacopters and Montrose.


It was 2010 when he took the hard decision to quit Small Jackets, his music pals of a thousand adventures for about a decade. Together they released three albums, made lots of tours and played several gigs supporting outstanding bands like New York Dolls and Hellacopters. The meeting and truly collaboration with the Swedish band left an indelible mark on Lu. Everything was like a high-speed train, but Lu decided to follow his own intuitions, which are rooted in rock’n’roll, blues, country, soul and pop rock. His inspirations lie in Anglo-American music, so he embarked on a new adventure.

The Lu Silver String is an Italian Blues Rock band

The wild, deep passion for the electric guitar plugged into the valve amp does not exclude the first love for the acoustic guitar played with soft, emotional touches. So Lu Silver pursued two parallel musical projects: the rock'n'roll quartet The Lu Silver String Band and the intimate acoustic solo act.


Together with the String Band he released the two albums The Soul Comes Back To Boogie (2016) and Rock'n'Roll Is Here To Stay (2019), both on Go Down Records. The combo shows a great rock attitude with West Coast guitars, hints of blues and folk, but also British influences such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Terry Reid.


The solo project involves various musician friends, called ‘soulmates’, and during recording sessions he picks up the drumsticks once again. In 2013 he released his own debut Lu... Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings via Go Down Records. In the spring of 2022 the sophomore album Luneliness is due out. He's been working on it since the November 2020 lockdown and then recorded it at Enri Zavalloni's Atomic Studio one year later.


Lu Silver | vocals, guitar

Silvio El Xicano Pasqualini | bass, keyboards

Alessandro Tedesco | solo guitar

Matt Drive | drums







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