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LU SILVER - Lu... Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings

In 2012 Lu Silver recorded his debut solo album Lu... Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings at Atomic Studio. He made arrangements and played most of the instruments: memotron strings, drums, guitars and harp. The recordings saw some of the most appreciated musician from his area: Marco Pizzolla on bass, Andrew Basile on drums (both in The Shoes and now Bluesevil), Enrico Zavalloni (Mondocane f/t Mike Patton and founder of the Atomic Studio) on Hammond organ, Conny Ochs (Baby Universal, Heavy Kingdom f/t Wino), Alessandro Tedesco (former guitarist of the stoner band OJM and Glincolti), Silvio Pasqualini (former guitarist and singer of Le Meleagre) on keyboards, backing vocals and bass, Giacomo Pasghin (Pater Nembrot). This album contains a collection of ballads, including a couple of revisited covers, such as the wonderful "A Song For You" by Leon Russell.




LU SILVER - Lu... Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings

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  • Artist: LU SILVER
    Title: Lu... Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings
    Format: black vinyl LP
    Release Year: 2013
  • SIDE A:
    1. Intro
    2. A Song For You
    3. Broken Promises
    4. The Same Old Song
    5. Life And Love (I Believe In You)
    6. Save Me


    SIDE B:
    1. Rollin' Down
    2. I've Got Time
    3. Desolation
    4. Sister Butterfly
    5. Sail Away
    6. See Me In The Rain

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