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MAYA MOUNTAINS - Hash And Pornography

Go Down Records is glad to introduce you Hash And Pornography, the debut album by Venetian band MAYA MOUNTAINS. It features 13 songs, all recorded by Giulio "Ragno" Favero at Blocco A Studio in Padua, Italy. The band is a power trio devoted to the most extreme psychedelic stuff. They formed in 2004 and they changed several guitarists, until Emanuel's guitar arrived to define the sound of the band, exactly as the founders desire since the beginning. It means to create a granitic sound, featuring saturated bass riffs and drums grinding on thunderbolt rhythmes. There is a perfect contamination across Black Sabbath, Melvins, Hawkwind, Shellac, Motorhead, Spirit Caravan, Pantera, Alice In Chains and (the giants of stoner for excellence) Kyuss. What you're gonna listen to is nothing else but the juice of their existence, claustrophobia of modern society, metabolized and spitted out from the speakers of your stereo!

A mix of: desert, psychedelia, progressive, stoner, heavy-screaming-grunge



MAYA MOUNTAINS - Hash And Pornography

€ 10,00Price
    Title: Hash And Pornography
    Format: CD
    Release Year: 2008
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