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MUFFX - Small Obsessions

Go Down Records is happy to introduce you "Small Obsessions", the second album by MUFFX from Salento, Italy. It has been produced by Max Ear, drummer of OJM and co-founder of Go Down Records. It was recorded at Sudest Studio and mastered at West West Side Studio in New York by Kim Rosen. In this little pearl are held claustrophobias of these times, 11 tracks that taste like psycho-desert-rock with gipsy reminescences. Sharp powerful guitars are interlaced with rythms that evoke band marches, contrasting with vocal themes that speak about 11 visions, 11 feelings, 11 small obsessions. The lyrics are swinging between pure introspection - "As The Foxes" - and considerations about reality - Voices - where there is an explicit critic to the politics that characterizes many Italian southern towns. The Muffx’s sound stuns, hits strongly and drags into an imaginary that starts from deviant, stoner atmospheres and melts with psychedelia and garage. The band has perfectly understood the rock’n’roll lesson and has developed a new grammar, made of sendings back that recall Masters Of Reality and explore new music solutions. Their inspirational bands are Mars Volta and System Of A Down. Abrasive guitars, vitriol vocals and 70's prog bounds are the features of their sound, that melts with melodies and manages to glide on endless spaces, where you can breathe air, desert and red ground. A physical album that you listen to with the ears and you feel on the body like a punch in the stomach.

A mix of: desert, psychedelia, progressive, stoner.


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MUFFX - Small Obsessions

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: MUFFX
    Title: Small Obsessions
    Format: digipak CD
    Release date: April 2009

  • 1. Prelude
    2. Circus pt.1
    3. Reason And Prison
    4. Dim Memory
    5. As The Foxes
    6. That's Life
    7. Circus pt.2
    8. Voices
    9. Like Before
    10. The Deserter
    11. Invasion

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