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OJM - Extended Playing

OJM's debut EP has been formerly released in February 2001 by Agitato Records/Venus and it sold over 1.000 copies.


1st EP of about 23 minutes from OJM, an Italian band strucked by the "Kyuss' syndrome" as many others euro-stoner bands.They come from Veneto and they worship desert-rock sound. Heavy-psych is the magic formula for this debut album Extended Playing, built on an acid-psych fuzz guitar and massive rhythmic. Full of promising clues seems to be "Sweet Girl" with its murky riffs, as well as the concluding "Way Of Pain", where OJM move to improvisation. If they would not consider this EP as a finishing line, these Italian guys from Treviso might have in store a lot of delicious surprises to reserve for the future.



OJM - Extended Playing

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: OJM
    Title: Extended Playing
    Format: mini CD
    Reissue year: 2012
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