OJM - Heavy

This vinyl reissue of OJM's album Heavy features 1 unreleased bonus track.


Heavy review by H.P.Taskmaster THE OBELISK (US).

"I didn’t exactly have the money laying around, but I did exactly have a few drinks in me, and being in such a state over this past weekend, I decided to partake in one of my favorite rituals: the drunken internet record buy. My longstanding wish list over at the All That is Heavy webstore was the target, and I just picked up a couple discs before crashing out for the night: “Kaleidoscope” by Siena Root, “Antarctic Abyss” by The Deep Blue and Italian rockers OJM‘s first album “Heavy”. The Siena Root was the last piece to complete their CD discography and I reviewed that The Deep Blue album nearly 2 years ago and still couldn’t get it out of my head, so I figured a purchase of the full non-promo copy was long overdue, but it was the OJM I was really interested to hear. Their 2010 album “Volcano” had been in my head again since reading Vincebus Eruptum for most of last week, and while I’m not saying I’m embarking on a journey through their entire catalog, I’m not not saying it ei