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OJM - Under The Thunder

We are proud to announce the release of the 4th OJM's album Under The Thunder. It was recorded by Andreas Venetis at Red House Studio in Senigallia, Italy. It features the supervision of an exceptional and great experienced producer: Michael Davis, the original bassist of MC5. Its massive sound, an irresistible mix of Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer, Stooges, MC5, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Kyuss and Fu Manchu, credits OJM to be one of the best and charismatic bands in the international 70's influenced scene. This album proves to be brilliant, no elements of it disappoint: a thunderstorm of stargazing riffs enhanced by psychedelic, desert atmosphere grant to listeners a unique sonorous jewel, beginning with the most entertaining single "Sixties", during the recording of which Michael Davis jumped out of mixer to pop into backing vocals. Under the Thunder is a rebel and looming album, intense, emotional, aggressive and provocative exactly as OJM’s mood is. One would say it is an epochal album, one it is the next Big Thing. Trust me when I say that this is not the matter: we are talking about emotional resonance. I would suggest this album to anyone who is trying to branch out and find something new since it will make you experienced with sensations: honestly, how many can they provide you of sensations at the present time?

They've already played with: DKT/MC5, Motorpsycho, Brant Bjork & The Bros, The Lords Of Altamont, Gorilla, Hardcore Superstar, Nebula, Josiah, Fleshtones, Josiah and many others.



OJM - Under The Thunder

€ 20,00Price
  • Artist: OJM
    Title: Under The Thunder
    Format: LP
    Release date: October 4th 2007
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