SLICK STEVE AND THE GANGSTERS’s 2nd album "On Parade" reveals the band’s intention to keep evolving by taking inspiration from the music of the past and combining it with new sounds and concepts. Genuine, pure and sincere, the sounds in the album transport us to places evoked in the songs. The descriptive lyrics are imaginative and reveal Slick Steve’s passion for strange and fantastic stories, the art of magic and the circus. The music is a mixture of different styles, but mostly draws on Swing, Rhythm'n'Blues and Rock'n'Roll. Each song is a world of its own and has its own particular style. What at first may seem as the multiple personality of this group belies great cohesion and harmony. This is the unique well-defined style of Slick Steve and the Gangsters. The album has been released under record labels Go Down Records and Latlantide. It’s been produced and recorded by Alessandro "Asso" Stefana at Perpetuum Mobile, between January and March 2015. Subsequently mixed by Gianfranco Fiorenzi together with Alessandro “Asso” Stefana and then mastered by Andrea Suriani at Alpha Dept. The collaboration with "Asso" has been extremely valuable and productive for the band and the result is a real leap in quality compared to their debut album. "Asso" is an eclectic musician, producer, arranger, guitarist for Vinicio Capossela and founder of the band Guano Padano. He followed the band throughout all the stages of the work, positively influencing this record, thanks to his strong personality. The project also features important guests: David Hogan (saxophone, trumpet and clarinet), Vincenzo Vasi (well known musician and expert “Theremin” player), Valeria Sturba (violins) and, last but not least, Enrico Gabrielli (founder of Italian band “Calibro 35”) as the arranger for the violin parts.


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    Title: On Parade
    Format: CD
    Label: GO DOWN RECORDS | Latlantide
    Release date: April 2015
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