Slick Steve And The Gangsters are a "highly explosive" band from the Italian city of Brescia. Formed in 2011 by Anglo-Italian singer and showman Stephen Hogan (Slick Steve) and Alle B.Goode, a talented young guitarist with an all-consuming passion for Rock'n'Roll. Making up the rhythm section skillful drummer Michele Zuccarelli Gennasi and the impeccable Pietro Ettore Gozzini on his towering upright bass complete this entertaining line-up. The project is based on a conscious artistic cross over combining the band's distinctive vintage and modern sound with circus style performance, alternating Swing, Rhythm'n Blues and Rock'n'Roll with magic tricks and juggling. This is a performance band which has to be seen live in concert. Slick Steve and The Gangsters transform a musical event into a jaw-dropping experience reminiscent of the golden age of rock. This debut album has no real title other than the name of the band. The show kicks off with a circus march opening up a crazy schizophrenic world which combines the refined with the grotesque as polished Swing rhythms give way to creative musical innovation. Genuine, pure and sincere, the sounds in the album transport us to places evoked in the songs: sometimes it’s like you’re running desperately in a desert, or lulled by the sea on a tropical island; then you’re catapulted into a circus or lying in a seedy old hotel room. The descriptive lyrics are imaginative and reveal the vocalist’s passion for magic and the circus. The music is a mixture of different styles, but mostly draws on Swing, Rhythm'n Blues and Rock'n Roll. No surprise then when pounding rhythms inexplicably transform into a playful waltz or if hard sombre tones suddenly become bright and cheerful. What at first may seem as the double personality of this group belies great cohesion and harmony. This is the unique well-defined style of Slick Steve and the Gangsters. The album’s graphic concept is the brainchild of Stilemio, a club of itinerant artists, who have worked with the band on videos and photoshoots. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Go Down Records Studio by Alfredo "Epi" Gentili in the Italian town of Savignano sul Rubicone. 2 special guests feature on the album: our friend and musician Andy McFarlane (The Rock'n'Roll Kamikazes frontman) provided the backing vocals in “Strait Jacket Swing”; whilst the famous “Liberty Bell March” was arranged and recorded in England by David Hogan (Slick Steve’s cousin) who also played all the instruments on the track. Thanks too to sound technician Carlo Poddighe who helped record the main vocal scores for three of the songs.


"Slick Steve" Stephen Hogan | lead and backing vocals

"Alle B.Goode" | guitars, backing vocals

Michele Zuccarelli Gennasi | drums, percussion, backing vocals

Pietro Ettore Gozzini | double bass, backing vocals


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