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SMALL JACKETS - Just Like This!

Just Like This! As the title implies, the SMALL JACKETS present you with a record that’s a pure, unadulterated distillate of the band’s labors of the past seven years! While previous effort IV had ventured into heavier territories with a full-blown hard rock attitude, Just Like This! adds a bluesier and slightly more laid-back feel to the mix, signaling an organic back-to-the-roots approach. This album takes the listener on a journey through time and space. Join the ride from the dusty, desert-like atmosphere of the rural South all the way to the city alleys where funky beats used to reign supreme! Meanwhile, don’t forget to brace yourself for bursts of high-octane rock’n’roll, as the band occasionally puts the pedal to the metal in typical Small Jackets fashion! It’s in their blood, after all. Each of the nine new tracks drips with the refreshing excitement and sheer passion of four mates who are having the time of their lives molding their characteristic and ever-evolving brand of rock and roll. Here is a band that systematically refuses to leave any room for complacency, so do yourself a favor and let Just Like This! quench your thirst for engaging and adventurous rock and roll!



SMALL JACKETS - Just Like This!

€ 15,00Price
    Title: Just Like This!
    Format: digi CD
    Labels: GO DOWN RECORDS | Transubstans Records
    Release date: December 17th 2021

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