THE HORMONAUTS - Two Is Mei Che One Vol.1

Go Down Records is proud to introduce you Two Is Mei Che One - Vol.1: the celebrated first release from this crazy Italian-Scottish band on our label. In 1999 THE HORMONAUTS were born out of the meeting of mutant guitar-hero Andy and Lord of the slap-bass Sasso Battaglia (one of the finest in Europe!). A power trio which has constanly revolutionized its sound and without compromise managed to reach a bigger audience. It’s not an exaggeration to say that THE HORMONAUTS are one of the few true rock & roll bands to choose to remain on Italian shores. They have never limited themselves to repetition and self emulation, but have constantly evolved their strivin ahead to produce a rough rootsy unconventional rock & roll with subtler and intense melodies. This double CD puts together their first 2 albums: Hormone Hop (originally released in 2001 on CD and vinyl by the legendary Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm Records) and Mini Skirt (released in 2003 by the Italian label Ammonia Records). Both albums rapidly sold out and in order to hear them, you had to abusively download them from internet! Now, ladies and gentlemen, they are newly available for the price of just one album and enriched with the bonus track "Tre Notti Di Fila", their 1st Italian lyrics.

THE HORMONAUTS - Two Is Mei Che One Vol.1

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    Title: Two Is Mei Che One - Vol.1
    Format: 2 digi CDs
    Release Year: 2009
  • CD #1 "Hormone Hop"
    1. We Are The Hormonauts
    2. Black Slacks
    3. Hey You
    4. Sweet Young Thing
    5. Hatuey
    6. Get Off The Wagon
    7. Looser
    8. That Man In Your Bed
    9. Turkey Jive
    10. Gonna Be Loved
    11. Who The Hell Are You?
    12. She'll Be My Baby

    CD #2 "Mini-skirt"
    1. A Life Time Away
    2. Mini-skirt
    3. Tainted Love
    4. Mojito Joe
    5. Hormone Hop
    6. The Girl At The Station Bar
    7. I See Two
    8. Hot Rod Tattoo
    9. You Just Won't Go
    10. Where's My Angel
    11. Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)
    12. Hormone Bomb
    bonus track. Tre Notti Di Fila
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