The Hormonauts band


THE HORMONAUTS were formed in 1999 and right from the start they stuck out from crowd, touring all over Italy with their own particular style, open to every musical influence. If rockabilly was the main ingredient, they would liberally mix it up with the aggression of punk rock, the danceable lightness of ska and rocksteady, even some country ‘n’ western balladeering, but never losing sight of their own characteristic irony! The band was formed from the 10 years of experience of Sasso, one of the more highly esteemed double-bassists on the european circuit; Pinna, one of the finest drummers to explode out of the punk/hardcore scene; and Andy, part of the historic Mutoid Waste Company, rambling Scotsman, country / punk / rockabilly fanatic and singer/guitarist of the band. Their first releases were "Hormone Hop"(Voodoo Rhythm Records), followed by "Mini Skirt" (Ammonia Records 2003) and "Hormone Airlines" (V2). The band had started collecting a few successes under their belt with the single and video of their electro-country version of "Staying Alive" becoming a radio and TV hit, while the band was opening concerts for the likes of Manu Chao, The Cramps and Rancid and appearing at the biggest festivals in Italy. "Hormonized" is their 4th album (V2 2005) and contains their radio hit and unusual version of The Knack's "My Sharona". Their incessant touring is setting fire to the peninsula and the band starts to break into Europe, thanks to the publication in Belgium, Holland and Germany of "Hormonized". In 2007 played SXSW in Austin, Texas and at Eurosonic in Groningen, Holland, where they were sent represent Italy. At the end of 2007 the band entered into the studio to record a new album, "Spanish Omelette", this time collaborating with one of the founder Mutoids and LSDiezel, Londoner, Kenny Diezel. This fusion of experimental dub and electronica with country, blues and rock'n'roll results in a very unique and surprising cocktail of...electrobilly! In June 2008 "Spanish Omelette" was released, full and rich with surprises and the band embarked on another successful summer tour. In November their version of the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive" was used in the French film "J'irai Dormir a' Hollywood", distributed by the Disney group and currently a big success in French cinemas. The song is also used as the trailer for the film. 2009 starts of with "Spanish Omelette" about to be released in Japan by ArtUnion/U-Pop Records. September 2009, Go Down Records reissue the first 2 CDs of The Hormonauts with the volume titled "Two Is Mei Che One vol.1" that contains Hormone Hop/Mini-Skirt and the bonus track sung in Italian "Tre Notti Di Fila".


Andy MacFarlane | vocals, guitar
Sasso Battaglia | double bass
Paolo Peddis | drums