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THE HORMONAUTS - Two Is Mei Che One - Vol.2

Two Is Mei Than One - Vol. 2 is the anthology reissue of Hormone Airlines and Hormonized by the Italian-Scottish band THE HORMONAUTS. The second chapter of the celebratory series dedicated to The Hormonauts is published by Go Down Records and distributed by Audioglobe. Just like the first volume, this is a beautiful double digipak album for the price of one! Hormone Airlines and Hormonized were originally released via V2 Records in 2004 and 2006, before that record label merged with Universal Music Group. They are considered the band's two most important albums. Hormone Airlines contains the outrageous and completely revised cover of 'Staying Alive'. Hormonized was the band's most mature album, containing several hits such as 'Lucky Toy', 'Hormonettes' and a cover of The Knack's 'My Sharona'. To top it off there is the bonus track 'Tre Notti Di Fila', their first song written and performed in Italian.

THE HORMONAUTS - Two Is Mei Che One - Vol.2

€ 10,00Price
    Title: Two Is Mei Che One - Vol.2
    Format: 2-CD box set in digipak
    Labels: Hormonetta Records | GO DOWN RECORDS
    Release Year: 2009
  • CD#1 Hormone Airlines
    1. Just Why Your Blue 
    2. Off My Chest 
    3. Cassius 
    4. Overkill 
    5. Solid Gone 
    6. Little Red Vanette 
    7. That Man In Your Bed 
    8. Hitched
    9. Malafemmena 
    10. I Wish You Well 
    11. A Shot
    12. Hormone Airlines 
    13. This Cat’s Too Fat 
    14. Staying Alive

    CD#2 Hormonized
    1. Lucky Toy 
    2. A Bundle Of Fun 
    3. My Sharona 
    4. Top Of The World
    5. Greasy Black Hands  
    6. Swimming Pool 
    7. Hormonized 
    8. Just Drive 
    9. Hatuey  
    10. Shit Faced 
    11. Hormonettes
    12. Any Normal Super Hero

    bonus track. Tre Notti Di Fila
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