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"Pictures" is a project by VIRTUAL TIME that includes 5 records: 4 unpublished works, plus a collection with the band best live tracks. The band spent the last year between live performances and recording sessions. 30 songs are now available in the 5 CD box set.


From The Roots To A Folded Sky is the heterogeneous 1st chapter. It features ballads, inspired by folk and classic rock, plus something unexpected. There is a careful sound research and the mixing has been done by 3 different people. The album is adorned by visual artists’ touches. The cover art is a shoot by Norwegian photographer Emily Hamn. The young and talented Silvia Reginato has been inspired by the first listen to create a drawing for each track, as you can see on band’s You Tube channel. The title “From The Roots To A Folded Sky” is the band’s mission. Starting from debut unreleased tracks, they have worked on new arrangements and sounds to update them. It’s like the origami art, that gives new shapes to simple paper sheets.


Animal Regression is Virtual Time second chapter of this 2018. The band starts again from where they stopped in April. It's a 360° exploration of rock music, investigating all its faces and nuances. The classic-rock and hard-rock influences are here mixed with alternative-rock and funk sound, all seasoned with drum patterns, that sometimes wink at the hip-hop world, using a modern approach. Virtual Time is Led Zeppelin with the glimpses of Arctic Monkeys: a very ambitious goal.


/ a · gò · gi · ca / ~ is the impulse from which comes the musical rhythm as a subjective virtue. It’s not reducible to a scheme, so it leaves the spotlights to the personal interpretative talent of the performer or the study of problems related to the interpretation and execution of a musical text.

The path of the third album of Virtual Time’s annual pentalogy starts from this. The sound breakthrough is represented by the synthesizers, which go well with the sound of the band built on distorted guitars and fast riffs. The daily positive and negative sensations that each of us experiences are the protagonists of lyrics and atmospheres. The title is based on this: the listener experiences the album in first person, being comforted by these human emotions. He takes advantage of it in a subjective way, with one’s own interpretation and reading key. Musically speaking, “A·gò·gi·ca” compositions deviate from the classical song form, accompanying us in a world of sounds free from patterns and labels: not followed precise rules, but just the moment and a stream of thoughts.


The second to last chapter is called The Circle and contains 6 unreleased tracks, plus 2 acoustic versions contained in the first full-length of the band "Long Distance". To symbolically conclude this circle, the band decided to return to their beginning, when the time to compose music was Saturday afternoon, after the week at the school desk. The biggest motivation came from the idea to create something personal. The mood of the entire chapter is therefore carefree and playful, with simple and easily usable compositions, without the need for massive and pompous productions. A record for everyone, even if there are surprises. It starts with the title track, a very representative song. It fully transmits the Rock soul of the band, softened by acoustic guitars, which form a beautiful vocal line, tasteful arrangements and harmonization often in the foreground. To the pieces in full Virtual Time stylistic matrix, they added some "outsider" songs, like the Latin with dark atmospheres "Black Sun", or the song with the Irish flavor "Hades". The rewarding aspect of such a vast project was the opportunity to travel through disparate musical territories from all over the world.


The last chapter is called Live Pictures. It contains a collection of the best performances of the quartet, taken during various concerts during the year. The band faced the difficult health conditions of the guitarist Luca Gazzola, who for 3 years has courageously fought a bone marrow infection. The wheelchair didn’t stop the band from playing live. This albums is the proof of that strength, thanks to the technical skills of the band members and to their union on the stage, which give off an intense synergy. The album contains songs taken from the "Pictures" project but also the old songs "Remember (Who You Are)" and "Silence's Wave", dedicated to fans of the first hour, which will also intrigue new listeners.


€ 29,50Price
  • Artist: VIRTUAL TIME
    Title: Pictures
    Format: 5 CDs box set
    Release date: November 5th 2019

    This is a collection of 5 albums.

    The CDs are scheduled as follow and each one will be singly sold during band's gigs:

    • "From The Roots To A Folded Sky" out Apr. 28th 2018
    • "Animal Regression" out Dec. 2018
    • "A·gò·gi·ca" out May 2019
    • "The Circle" out October 20th 2019
    • "Live Pictures" out November 5th 2019
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