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Virtual Time band 2019

Virtual Time


VIRTUAL TIME is a rock band from Bassano del Grappa, Italy. The band was founded in 2012 and the four of them immediately started experimenting and looking for feeling and intensity among themselves. Looking for their personal sound, they composed their first songs. 


The band's style and influences can be traced back to the fantastic sound of the 70s in all its variations: from the hard-rock of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to the progressive-rock of King Crimson and Pink Floyd, passing through the folk-rock of CCR and CSN&Y. The main contemporary influences come from Muse and Black Keys.


The first EP Getting Twisted represents the more aggressive side of the band. It contains three songs with powerful guitar riffs, scratchy vocals and punchy bass and drums. In April 2014 the Getting Twisted tour took them around Spain, in Barcelona, in Madrid, in Cordova, etc. 


In spring 2015 the band started recording their debut full length at Hate Recording Studio with Federico Nardelli as artistic producer and a couple of weeks later the work was done! In December 2015 the single 'Fire World II' was premiered by Italian webzine Rockit and the following month it was featured as "song of the week" in a radio show on Virgin Radio Italia. In February Virtual Time were the "Just Discovered" band on MTV Italy's New Generation TV show.  

Their debut album Long Distance was officially released in March 2016 and the band started a promotional tour throughout Italy and Europe. They entered the Top 10 of KeepOn Live Parade and won the "Venice Hard Rock Café Vinyl Contest". In March 2018 they started recording the first of five chapters of their latest ambitious project called Pictures.


Alessandro Meneghini | drums

Luca Gazzola | guitar

Marco Pivato | bass

Filippo Lorenzo Mocellin | vocals






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