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The Hornets is an Italian Rock'n'Roll band

The Hornets


It is said that to justify the purchase of a Chevrolet - Chevy Van from '88, Steve just had to have a "themed" band. And it is as a result of this must that THE HORNETS were formed. There is a bit of truth in all of this; The Hornets band formed in Carpi (Modena) in September 2016, from the mood of three young people passionate about motorcycles and vintage cars: two are brothers, the other is the neighbour. One evening the older brother said, and here it is quoted verbatim, to the neighbour: "Listen, let's make a band? I have the members already" - statement, to be honest, not true - "Yes, okay, that’s fine" The rest was even easier.


With the rich musical experience that all of the members have had already gained in previous years with other projects and different musical realities, the band composes a first tranche of songs and, without thinking too much about the style or sound, what emerges in a completely spontaneous way are very simple and clean sounds out of the 70s, where the sound of the guitars and the drum rolls leave room for melodic lines and atypically felt lyrics, where each single piece tells a story, an episode, a reality experienced firsthand in the past years.


Listening to the band is like returning to 1975, not in New York or Glasgow, but at the "Bar Italia" in the center of Bologna or Modena. After a small but intense tour in November 2017, together with The Lu Silver String Band, at the beginning of 2018 the first single titled "You're Falling Down" was released. After several summer dates and radio appearances, which helped the band to make their way into the current musical jungle, the singles "Saturday Night" and "Midnight Crap" are released. The latter is presented live at the Ariston theater in Sanremo, at the "FIAT Music" review curated by Red Ronnie. To follow, after a further series of concerts in the underground, in November 2019 "All The Tears Gone" is released, a song that marks the end of the first tranche of compositions.


Thanks to a rigorous year spent in the rehearsal room tidying up the numerous ideas, in November 2020 The Hornets record the first album Heavier Than A Stone, with the precious help of Alessandro Tedesco, who produces all the work; the disc contains some songs from the "first phase" of the group, while the new songs give a characteristic and truly identifying mark to the project, putting down a point of arrival that is, at the same time, a great kick-off.


Stefano Francia | guitar, vocals

Alberto Francia | bass, vocals

Giovanni Artioli | guitar, vocals

Andrea Rovituso | drums




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