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OJM | GORILLA - split

Gorilla & OJM on the same record. If you haven't heard either band, this is the perfect little taster platter for you. Gorilla's song starts out heavy like a Melvins' song, a bit of Sabbath/Iommi influence in it with its simple blues classic rock approach and sometimes getting as psychedelic sounding as Pink Floyd. OJM's cut on this one reminds me more of The Stooges/garage 60's and 70's stuff. Very busy bass lines and guitar leads along the lines of Fred Smith and Wayne Kramer. Throw in some energy, harmonica and psychedelic vocals and you are there. Decent little split 7", just a couple of good ol' high energy rock and roll numbers. Both sides will certainly having you shaking your ass to the beat. Now that's not a bad thing in my book.




OJM | GORILLA - split

€ 15,00Price
  • Artist: OJM | GORILLA
    Title: split
    Format: 7" vinyl
    Labels: GO DOWN RECORDS | Beard Of Stars Records
    Release year: 2003
  • OJM's SIDE:
    1. I've Got No Time to Waste

    1. Demon Seed

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