In the early 90's 3 young musicians from Düsseldorf decided that psychedelic-rock should not have died. What followed was a merciless assault on eardrums and nerves, but also the birth of VIBRAVOID. Influenced by the psychedelic and garage-rock revival of the 80's and by the bands of the late 60's, they quickly found their own sound, which nowadays is generously free from short-term trends and established the band as the European flagship of the genre. "Turn on! Tune in! And drop out!" That's the credo of Düsseldorf's psychedelic and acid rockers, or simply what Vibravoid's music is faithfully devoted to. The band is rightly regarded as inheritors of the classic psychedelia and acid-rock, as it is difficult to find comparisons with other contemporary bands.


Christian Koch | guitar, vocals
Dario Treese | bass
Frank Matenaar | drums


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