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ANANDA MIDA - Anodnatius

ANANDA MIDA was born in 2013 when Matteo 'Pablo' Scolaro (former Renè Basca And The Biscuits, Vino Del Mar) and Max Ear (former OJMPoison Deluxe) started playing in Pablo's rehearsal room. Soon after, Davide Bressan (former Wild Pipes, Return From The Grave) joined the band on bass. Alessandro Tedesco (former OJM, Glincolti, The Lu Silver String Band) was the last entry. In September 2015, Ananda Mida recorded their first couple of songs with Filippo Leonardi (former Pater Nembrot) on vocals and synths. November 2016 saw the release of their debut LP Anodnatius, which also features Felix Lalù on vocals and Stefano Paski (former OJMPoison Deluxe) on keys. The concept was inspired by Eeviac's visionary art and some forgotten traditions from the Middle East and Central Asia. This debut full length is the positive pole of Ananda Mida’s unconscious, as the prefix -anod- suggests.


"You know, I grow the sun, I always shove it down, with a calm".




ANANDA MIDA - Anodnatius

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  • Artist: ANANDA MIDA
    Title: Anodnatius
    Format: CD
    Release: March 2017
    1. Aktavas
    2. Lunia
    3. Kondur
    4. Anulios
    5. Passavas
    6. Ors
    7. Askokinn
    8. Heropas
    9. Occasion
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