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RE DINAMITE is a musical project born in September 2005, that joined the bass of Zmudah (T.H.U.M.B.) with the guitar of Vanny and the drums of King Ricky, both former members of the band Doggie Position. All of them come from Treviso, Italy. The trio plays like an unique entity and the songs are simply, quick, direct and compacted. In 2006 they began to play many gigs and they recorded a promo live album at 44 Club and an EP at the Garage Studio, that was recorded on 2 inches tape and mixed in analogical way. The result probes to be notable, because it reflects what the band is able to do on stage, grasping immediately their sound made of aggressive bass and drums, granite guitar riffs, a rhythmic base soaked of blues and stoner-rock, with psychedelic digressions, too. In 2007 followed an heavy live tour and in 2008 their s/t CD has been released by Go Down Records. In the same year Black Nutria released it in digital format. They performed as opening act for bands such as Brant Bjork, Lords of Altamont, The Hormonauts, OJM, Gorilla and many more Italian underground artists. In 2008 some hits have been included in rock compilations, such as "The Heavy Psych Italian Sounds", "Tomato", "Race To The Unknown" and have been played in many radio shows, such as "The Jet Generation" by Radio Sherwood.


€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: RE DINAMITE
    Title: s/t
    Format: digi CD
    Release date: April 4th 2008
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