Re Dinamite is a project which arose in September 2005 from the union of one member of the T.H.U.M.B. and two of the DOGGIE POSITION, two active bands in the rock'n'roll and stoner environment from the province of Treviso. The signs of the union had already arrived in the spring of the same year...but nothing allowed to foresee that in a few months’ time would born the project Re Dinamite!

The members of the group are: Vanny r'n'roll at the guitar, King Ricky at the drums and voice and The Zmudah at the bass and voice. So Re Dinamite is a trio but at the same time an only entity which plays mainly simple and fast, direct and compact pieces. In few words it’s a trio, fit for manufacturing pieces without compromises, which in 2006 began to make its way through numerous concerts and recorded a Promo Live to the 44 club and its first Ep "RE DINAMITE" at the Garage study of the friend Ruggero Pol. in Conegliano.

"RE DINAMITE" is recorded on two inches ribbon and mixed in Analogical way after less than 3 days of intense job; the result immediately probes to be notable, an almost live work which completely reflects what the trio is able to do live and grasps the sound of the band: aggressive bass and drums which accompany granite riff of guitar, a rocky rock'n'roll on a rhythmic base soaked in blues and stoner but also psychedelic expansions alternate to frequent moments of deadly draught.

In 2007 an intense live activity countersigns the movements of the band which succeeds in highlighting itself and concluding an agreement with Go Down Records (Gorilla UK, The Morloks, OJM, Small Jackets and many others) for the co-production of the homonym debut album that goes out November 23rd 2008. In the same year an agreement is reached with Black Nutria for the digital distribution of the pieces through the most important devoted portals such as iTunes and many others in order to guarantee the availability all over the world.

The whole season 2007/2008 have been characterized by an intense and rich in satisfactions live activity: the band plays, among the others, with Brant Bjork, Lords of Altamont, The Hormonauts, OJM, Gorilla and a lot of bands of the Italian underground panorama. In 2008 some hits of the band participate to different compilations, among which "The Heavy Psych Italian Sounds", "Tomato", "Race to the Unknown" and are broadcasted in many radios.

The trio take part in radio programs, among which is wanted to mention "The Jet Generation" of Radio Sherwood.

RE DINAMITE - Re Dinamite

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  • Artist: RE DINAMITE
    Title: Re Dinamite
    Format: DIGI CD - limited edition


    1. It's Not A Motorcycle
    2. Party Deluxe
    3. U Race
    4. Sick Girls
    5. Sixtyfour
    6. Ten Euros
    7. Loves Of Bacco
    8. Right Way
    9. Steel Man

Via Antonello Moroni 92

47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)


VAT number:  03865970408

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