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VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Heavy Psych Italian Sounds

Proud to present an accurate collection of the best Italian heavy-psych bands selected by Gabriele Fiori. Each artist included plays an unreleased track or a song from a recent album. The project ranges from stoner vibes to doom sounds, from psychedelic atmospheres to pure rock’n’roll. This sampler features some great stuff collected to highlight a vibrant music scene that gave us many beautiful gems.

In order of appearance: VERACRASH sons of the hardcore side of QOTSA, the dandy BLACK RAINBOWS under the French label Longfellow Deeds Records, the wildest IL TORQUEMADA, OJM and its unique desert rock, between stoner and Led Zeppelin, the heavy rockin' and blues revue by ALIX, MISS FRAULEIN with its powerful sounds a la Nebula and Fu Manchu.

The doom side of the compilation sees the masters DOOMRAISER, the young Venetians MAYA MOUNTAINS, the well-known EL-THULE featuring its heavy-psych masterpiece “Black Mamba”.

At this point, there's a hard blues break by RE DINAMITE and three hard rock songs by SMALL JACKETS, LOS FUOCOS and GONZALES.

It goes on with a step back to a classic stoner mood by UNDERDOGS and THE FORTY MOOSTACHY.

The grand finale is devoted to psychedelic bands ZIPPO, MIDRYASI, VORTICE CREMISI, TSUNAMI, and FUCKVEGAS.

This album will give you a taste of what was the Italian heavy-psych scene of the noughties, maybe not whole but mostly! The artwork is by the famous illustrator MALLEUS, one of the best psych-rock poster artists.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Heavy Psych Italian Sounds

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  • Artist: VV.AA.
    Title: The Heavy Psych Italian Sounds
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2008
    1. VERACRASH – Beyond The Grave
    2. BLACK RAINBOWS – Shaman Vision
    3. IL TORQUEMADA – Infernalcoholic Man
    4. OJM – Stoned Love
    5. ALIX – I'll Be Gone
    6. MISS FRAULEIN – Gustavo
    7. DOOMRAISER – Rotten River
    8. MAYA MOUNTAINS – The Mudtrain
    9. EL-THULE – Black Mamba
    10. RE DINAMITE – Loves Of Bacco
    11. SMALL JACKETS – Leave Me Alone
    12. FUOCOS – Over The Top
    13. GONZALES – Check Mate
    14. UNDERDOGS – Fuckcoverband
    15. THE FORTY MOOSTACHY – Dead Man in the Bathroom
    16. ZIPPO – Kid in the Desert
    17. MIDRYASI – Hissbilum
    18. VORTICE CREMISI – Mother Nature
    19. TSUNAMI – Cedo
    20. FUCKVEGAS – Panario
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